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If your small business is facing financial challenges and you are finding it difficult to keep your creditors at bay, you may be uncertain of your options. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing will allow you to keep your business going, but will put an end to the continual calls and letters, and will prevent your creditors from taking legal action against you. You want an experienced lawyer to help you through the process, someone who knows the law and has helped others in circumstances just like yours.

At the law office of Perry O’Brian, we have focused our practice on bankruptcy for more than 26 years. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the rules of bankruptcy and know the legal trends. Our goal, with every client, is to simplify the process as much as possible, so that we can minimize your stress and anxiety. We built our practice on a commitment to responsive and efficient legal counsel, promptly returning your calls and working to complete the process in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding is also known as business reorganization. It allows corporations, partnerships and other business entities to reorganize their debts. Only individuals can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy so Chapter 11 is the only chapter available to corporations and non-individuals. In certain cases, individuals may need to file Chapter 11. For example, an individual may exceed the debt limits and cannot file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or an individual may want to take advantage of benefits of Chapter 11 that are not available in Chapter 13 such as rewriting long-term secured debt.

We handle all matters related to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, preparing and filing all necessary documents throughout the process, and acting as your representative with creditors, the bankruptcy trustee and the court. We will help you put together a reorganization plan to submit to your creditors, and will review all proposed repayment arrangements to ensure that they are in your best interest.

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Every prospective client at our office is entitled to a free initial consultation. To set up a meeting with an experienced Bangor Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney, contact us online or call our office at 207-942-4697 (toll free at 877-900-9857). We offer installment payment plans for your convenience.


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